The Mines: The town of Mourning Glory would not exist if it were not for the Mines. Seemingly endless veins of naturally occuring salt, with a central shaft descending hundreds of feet into the earth. At least a dozen horizontal tunnels were discovered, and the full extent of each has yet to be explored. 

Clear Lake: The town rests on the banks of Clear Lake, a fresh water body that connects to the Great Lake through a long and twisting series of natural rivers, artificial canals, and three sets of locks. 

The Island (Wastelands): In the center of Clear Lake is The Island, a dangerous and lawless stretch of forest that is home to all manner of nefarious people, malevolent monsters, and the ever-present zed. Access to the island is restricted to those that have purchased a <BOAT LICENSE?> from the local Mariner’s Club. Brave explorers have made the journey by swimming, and returned to tell the tale, but others have not. There seems to be something under the water that is equally happy to eat animals, people, or zed.

Range Line Locks: The set of locks closest to Clear Lake are the Range Line Locks, owned by the <LOCAL FACTION>. They charge a minimal fee for passage up or down river. The Ford Family are cautiously allied to <LOCAL FACTION> and have worked to maintain their control of the locks in the past. 

The Pits: Mourning Glory’s first line of landward defense is The Pits, a two rows of four trenches that restrict access to the town from the south to three bridges. Mindless zed will frequently fall into The Pits and remain there, clawing at the walls trying to climb out. Frequent patrols are necessary to kill zed in the pits, and to repair damage to the walls of the Pits caused by the more energetic zed. Everyone is expected to devote a few hours of civil duty each week to Pit Patrols and related tasks.

Ford Family Tombs: (Camp Staff Quarters, off-limits to DR players and staff). Slightly southwest from the town of Mourning Glory are a double-handful of tombs, dressed up to look like simple cabins. Within are mementos and keepsakes of the ancestors of the Ford family. Anyone caught entering the Family Tombs is exiled from the town without trial.