Frequently Asked Questions


+ Campsite address

Clear Lake Camp, Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center 10160 M-37 Dowling, MI 49050

+ Campsite amenities

There are separate men’s and women’s restrooms in the Lodge on the main floor. There are two Dorms (labeled boys & girls, though they are not restricted by gender for our purposes), with community semi-private locker-room-like bathrooms (toilets & showers separated by stalls / curtains). There are three wings within each Dorm, with ~26 bunk beds in each wing. There will be additional bunks on the 2nd floor, but this area has not been cleared by the fire marshall for our use, at this time.



+ Hospital

Bronson Battle Creek Hospital 300 North Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49017 ~20 minute drive / 15.3 miles

+ Gas station

Marathon Gas 8860 S M-37, Hastings, MI 49058 ~1 minute drive / 1.4 miles north of the campground.

Battle Creek has numerous gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies. The city is ~15 minutes / 12 miles south of the campground.