DR:MI November Registration


DR:MI November Registration

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Standard Registration for our November 2019 Event!

Select the Casting (NPC Shift) option and price that works for you! Casting is the term for when you put in time to play a character assigned to you (outside your created character) to enrich the world and story.

How long you spend your casting shift depends on what ticket you buy:

  • Casting Opt-Out - 0 Hours - $100

  • Minimum Casting - 2 Hours - $85

  • Standard Casting - 4 Hours - $65

  • Maximum Casting - 6 Hours - $45

  • 10 Hour Attendance - 2 Hours - $35

* Only receives 1 xp for that event, still requires 2 hours of Casting on top of the 10 hours and must be off site after those 12 hours.

You may also participate as a Casting Only participant, where you will play various casted characters throughout the weekend for a minimum of 12 hours, for 0$. Please email us at dystopiarisingmi@gmail.com to sign up for Casting Only! Casting Only participants will receive full Build on their characters.

Each ticket comes with the all available build, there is no additional build to purchase nor is there any other conversion for build.