Character Creation / Rewrite

This form is intended for new character submissions or updates to an existing character.


Before you attend your third event, we encourage you to review the rulebook and identify if there are any aspects of your character you would like to change. You have the option to melting down completely for build and create the same character with changes, or a brand new character. This rewrite applies to every player before their third game - any further rewrites after this point will cost CAPs.

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If you are an Accensorite or have Faith Skills, your character may begin play baptized into a faith.
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Character Retirement 

Players who have earned over 200 experience points and complete a retirement story arc at their Home Branch will receive 75 experience points to use toward a new character.

  1. A retirement story arc must be discussed with a player’s Home Branch’s employees in the downtime and must be a mutually created story that not only brings a sense of completion to the character; but also provides a character retirement that will engage and drive story for other players.

  2. A retirement story arc must be a minimum of 3 months in length and can take as long as 6 months.

  3. At the start of a retirement story arc all currency, items, resources, and in-character materials that the character has must be turned over to a Home Branch. A character on a retirement story arc will be provided with some of their resources for the continuation of play; however, most items must be turned in. Both the Guide and the player should record what items are turned in just in case a retirement story arc is canceled before the end. The new character will be awarded half of all currency, scrap, herb and produce.

  4. Once a retirement story arc begins, a player must follow the retirement story all the way through to the end. In the instance that the player decides not to follow the retirement story arc until the end, the items that were turned in will be returned to the player. Any items that expire between the start of a retirement story arc and its cancellation will not be replaced.

  5. The player must check in with the Guides and participants they interact with the most on an out-of-character level to ensure that no only is the person who is retiring their character not experiencing negative bleed, but also that those who are impacted the most by the character retirement are not being impacted by negative bleed.

  6. The Home Branch’s employees and the player must follow and agree on all outlined aspects of a retirement story arc (check-in, turning in of all goods, creation of a story that is beneficial to the player and to the community, and clear communication and direction in the downtime) at the start, middle, and end of the retirement arc.

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